new or replacement exhaust for all makes and models.

If you have noticed any rattling noises or can smell exhaust fumes give the team at Peel Exhaust and Towbar Centre a call on 9581 6500 for an obligation free quote to fix the problem. Your vehicle's exhaust system has a critical role to play in the efficient operation of your vehicle, and for the safety of you and your family.

Your vehicle's exhaust system functions in the following ways:
• Removes hot poisonous gases produced by your engine, keeping these gases away from your vehicle and its occupants, converting them into more environmentally friendly emissions.
• Reduces engine noise to acceptable and legal levels, and improves your engine's performance and fuel economy.

Whether your muffler demands are custom, performance, standard or even for light trucks. No matter what job it may be, our skilled team will get the job done professionally to some of the highest standards, giving you up to 10 years warranty on some exhaust systems, giving you peace of mind that all your exhaust/muffler requirements are covered.

• Standard mufflers
• Small truck exhaust systems
• Hi-flow performance exhaust
• Exhaust manifold / extractors / headers
• Hi-flow metallic catalytic converters, including Euro 3 and Euro 4
• Standard catalytic converters Euro 2, 3, 4 to suit Australian Emissions Standards

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Peel Exhaust and Towbar Centre provides a variety of services for those looking for a custom or performance exhaust in the Mandurah and Peel regions. We can provide the latest in aftermarket exhaust parts to give your exhaust the look and boost in performance you want.
Peel can fit and install performance exhaust systems

When performance matters talk to the team at Peel Exhaust and Towbar Centre. We specialise in helping those customers looking for a performance or custom exhaust systems Whether it’s for a V8, turbo engine, or something special we can help. Our team provides the latest in aftermarket exhaust parts to get the highest flow possible. All fitted by experienced and qualified technicians.

With 40 years’ experience we can find the perfect aftermarket Performance exhausts to replace your factory fitted exhaust components. Performance exhausts enhance the performance, visual appeal and the sound of the vehicle and feed your passion for driving. If you are not satisfied with your exhaust, do not waste a minute, bring it to us and we will replace it with a powerful performance exhaust. .

high performance exhaust system
our systems can be suited for turbo exausts
Sport exhaust systems

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